Meet Sabitra – An Anywhere Leader

Meet Sabitra – An Anywhere Leader

Sabitra Guraguin once was a typical Nepalese woman, struggling to survive in severe poverty, surrounded by hopelessness and despair. There were times 15 years ago when things were so desperate, in fact, that all she wanted to do was swallow some poison pills and end it all. That would have been much easier. But Sabitra had her kids to live for – that and she couldn’t afford the bottle of poison.

Today, Sabitra is the most admired person in her community of Itahari, Nepal – and the wealthiest.

What I’ve found while visiting with Anywhere Leaders in Nepal is that Heifer International – a non-profit that provides livestock and training to help transform poverty-stricken communities – not only revives communities, it literally saves lives. It saved Sabitra.

Rather than giving in to the despair, Sabitra applied for help from Heifer and was given a buffalo. Within 11 years, she had turned her buffalo into a farm and her farm into several stores. Now, with her stores, she has purchased some real estate.

The success, however, doesn’t stop with her. Sabitra has helped hundreds of women in communities around her start successful businesses and improve their lives. Here are a few principles she lives by that have enabled her success and that can help any leader anywhere:

  1. Save first: When entrepreneurs start businesses, they often begin by talking to banks and investors. Sabitra started saving by not eating as much food. When others wouldn’t support her, her savings allowed her to support herself. Are you funding your own ideas or are you relying on others to get you started? Try making a few sacrifices and build your necessary resources within.
  2. Start first: When others didn’t believe in her, Sabitra just got to work. She started building even when she didn’t have enough money to complete a project. Once she started, however, people started to believe and decided to get involved. Are you waiting for commitments from others before you move forward, or do you have the courage to begin alone?
  3. Share first: Once Sabrita experienced success, she immediately shared her success with others. Her success has helped fund roads, schools and houses for others. She passes on her gifts so that others can succeed as well. Are you sharing the fruits of your success with others, or do you find yourself hanging on to everything you have been rewarded with.

Sabrita qualifies as an Anywhere Leader because she is Driven for Progress, Sensationally Curious and Vastly Resourceful, and the principles that make her successful apply to anyone on any continent.

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