My First Meeting With An Official Communist Leader and The Best Example I’ve Experienced of Progress Over Politics

This meeting wouldn’t happen in public. The topic was too sensitive. I didn’t know what to expect when I visited with Jhapendra G. C. in a small room on the second floor of an old office building off a very crowded street in Tansen, Nepal. But I certainly didn’t expect to hear what he told me.

Jhapendra, a member of the Communist Party of Nepal United Marxist and Leninist (CPN-UML), had agreed to share his thoughts on leadership and progress in Nepal. So naturally I geared up for a heavy dose of political posturing. I got none of that. Instead, Jhapendra spoke frankly about the challenges his country faces and the path needed for progress.

Here’s the most surprising thing he told me: “Nepal isn’t ready for communism. Capitalism should exist here now. Nepal won’t be ready for communism for another 200 or 300 years.”

I couldn’t believe it. How could a member of the official communist party speak such words? Because he is for progress, not politics.

I was curious what made him form such an opinion, so I asked.

“Nepal is poor,” he said. “There isn’t much to distribute. Communism is socialism and equality. We don’t have enough wealth to spread around equally. Equality is impossible at this point. Until we build a significant base of wealth, we must support a capitalist approach and allow the significant success of some and build more success of more and more people over time.”

That’s why he supports the work of Heifer International and organizations like it. These groups help communities make progress. And these communities are growing quickly and becoming healthier. At this point, Jhapendra isn’t at all concerned with the political beliefs of his nation; he’s committed to the healthy progress of it, no matter how it is achieved.

Where do you need to suppress your politics to ignite progress?

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